Professional Photographers of America Charities Endowment
and Funding Application


Mission Statement of PPA Charities:

“PPA members committed to being a force for positive change in the lives of others.”

As stated in the bylaws of PPA Charities inc. Article 11 – Section 2 – Purposes. “The purposes of the Corporation are as set forth in the Corporations Articles of Incorporation, specifically to make the financial support of the membership of Professional Photographers of America available to other charitable organizations.”

PPACH will make available a portion of the investment income received on an annual basis. In addition PPACH will also take part in fundraising efforts toward specific purposes, and act as a pass through for funds raised by other organizations. This will be done in addition to ongoing events such as COSD (Celebration of Smiles Day), FPM (Family Portrait Month) and the annual Charity Auction Event at Imaging USA.

PPACH is open to receive grant requests per calendar year. Funding will only be available to a small percentage of the many worthwhile proposals, but each request will be given the utmost attention. The guidelines have been formulated by the PPACH board of directors and trustees, and approved by the Professional Photographers of America Board of Directors, which govern the grant making decisions.


Proposals will be considered in the following program areas:

  1. Existing Charitable Organizations with a need for assistance. (for example and in addition to, Operation Smile and Dando Amour).
  2. PPA Member photographers that have been affected by a storm, natural disaster, or act of God. (for example Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy).
  3. PPA Member photographers in need of medical attention beyond their means.
  4. PPA Member photographers in need of educational assistance. With special emphasis on programs designed to teach new photographers within the industry.
  5. Other areas of interest would be initiatives that benefit youth and promote the causes of philanthropy and volunteerism.

Please keep in mind, in some cases it will be more effective for PPACH to work as a pass through. This will enable members within an organization to begin the fundraising process for a specific need, while working with PPACH committees on how to run a successful charitable event and raise the most money possible.


In keeping with the founders wishes, efforts in grant making focus primarily on enhancing the quality of life for both the members of PPA and those around the world who would benefit from assistance. Any and all grant requests will be considered on an individual basis.


Besides grant making in the four principal areas of natural disaster relief, medical, educational and existing charitable organizations, the Endowment will also award grants in support of youth development and to advance philanthropy around the world. Good stewardship among trustees and executives of charitable organizations is extremely important.


Witness the good deeds in person by attending a mission trip in one of the many countries in need. Mission trips are available through various charitable organizations that PPACH is involved with. If you are interested in being considered for a mission trip please fill out the information available within the application. ADD


Personal donations can be made to a specific charity at any time through PPACH. The desired amount of contribution and the designated charity must be clearly noted at the time of donation.

Another area of encouragement would be to assist in the implementation of charitable photographic services to be offered to those in need, this would be done at no cost to the group/organization. This donation of time and talent could prove to be priceless.


The Endowment generally does not support the following:

  1. Assistance is not considered for personal studio business related finances.
  2. Requests to discharge pre-existing debt.
  3. No contributions will be made to other Endowments.
  4. No contributions will be considered unless the proper application process has been met.


If you believe that your charitable organization has a request that fits within the guidelines please write a preliminary letter of no more than two pages. The letter should explain your organization, the project to be funded, and the amount of support needed. A written response will be returned to all preliminary inquiries. In cases that warrant further consideration, a full proposal will be requested. (emailed or faxed requests will not be considered).


When further consideration is warranted, please use the following outline as a guide for your full proposal. The more information you provide the better the committee will be able to assess the needs and make a qualified decision.


  1. Is there a strong interest in partnering with PPA Charities?
  2. How much fundraising is done annually?
  3. Is there a board of directors and what is the criteria to become a board member?
  4. What is the current continuation plan, how much money does it take annually to run the charity?
  5. Is the appropriate paperwork filed and have taxes been paid? (Must provide proof of last tax payment)
  6. What percentage of money raised goes toward operations?
  7. Provide an overview of opportunities, challenges, issues, or current needs for consideration?
  8. Can a current Profit and Loss be provided?
  9. Include information regarding any significant partnerships and collaborations that you are involved in.
  10. Please provide an overview of your audience or member efforts, including marketing objectives and initiatives to increase new and diverse audiences. Please include specific objectives in which you plan to meet your goals.
  11. Are there any specific religious affiliations?
  12. Can you share previous good works and success stories within the organization.
  13. Please describe what makes your organization unique.
  14. Are there mission trip possibilities and is there a United States Ambassador within the area in the case of mission trips?


Once dates have been opened for submission, the program director will review the grant proposals as they are received. Those that meet the criteria for consideration will proceed to the PPACH Review Committee, and finally to the trustees and members of the PPACH Board of Directors. The PPACH board will consider grants on a quarterly basis. The grant review process can take three months to a year, depending on the available funds and the nature of the request. The next step in the process is for a formal request to be sent to the PPA Board of Directors for review and final decision. All grant seekers will receive a written notification of the decision made.

To apply for funding from PPA Charities, please click here