When you witness the extraordinary work done around the world by dedicated
Operation Smile volunteer medical professionals, you’ll understand why
PPA Charities has chosen this remarkable organization as its charitable partner.

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 20th Anniversary Mission to Vietnam: Duy’s Journey

Follow 8-year-old Duy as she receives the surgery of her dreams. Nov 2010.

 Duy’s Story – Photographed by PPA Member Graham Wilson

Graham documented Duy’s life-changing surgery on behalf of PPA Charities.

 Operation Smile 2009 Year in Review

Your generosity has helped us create over 13,500 new smiles this year. Thank you.

 Operation Smile: Arnoldo’s Story

Withness an Operation Smile mission to Venezuela.

 Operation Smile: Kohinoor’s Story

Follow Roma Downey on an Operation Smile mission to India.

 Operation Smile: Son’s Story

See the difference you can help make in the life of a child. Vietnam.

 Operation Smile: Madelein’s Story

In Honduras, Madelein is transformed through life-changing surgery for her cleft lip.

 Operation Smile: LuLu’s Story

This Operation Smile mission to China highlights Lulu’s life-changing surgery.

 Operation Smile: Mimi’s Story

Watch the transformation of Mimi during this Operation Smill mission to Ethiopia.

 Operation Smile: Arifase’s Story

Witness Arifase’s journey during an Operation Smile mission to Ethiopia.

Operation Smile in Thailand

Nine students learn what a difference Operation Smile can make. Thailand, 2009.

Remember . . . It takes only $240 to provide a precious child with the gift of surgery.
How many smiles can you save?