PPA Charities Fundraising Activities

Each year the PPA Charities Board of Trustees sets a goal for its fund-raising activities in support of its charitable partner Operation Smile. In 2012, PPA-member photographers raised $70,000, which was presented to Operation Smile in January 2013 at Imaging USA, PPA’s annual convention, bringing the total funds donated to Operation Smile by PPA members to $570,000 . . . which translates to 2,375 surgeries for children!

For 2013, the Trustees have challenged PPA members to contribute $100,000
to Operation Smile, which will result in saving the smiles of 400 more precious children.

PPA Charities accomplishes its annual charitable fundraising through these campaigns:


 April 11, 2015


Open to all PPA members, the April 11 Celebration of Smiles charitable marketing promotion that invites consumers to receive the gift of a mini-session and a 5×7 desk-size image in exchange for a minimum donation of $24 to Operation Smile. Choose another day in April if April 11 does not work for you.

When you register:

  • You’ll receive the Celebration of Smiles Marketing Guide that takes you step-by-step through how to market, prepare for and execute your promotion,
  • You’ll have access to downloadable promotional elements and materials to help you market to your clients and prospects.
  • Your studio information and website link will be placed on the celebrationof smiles.com consumer website.
  • Starting in March, you’ll receive weekly “countdown” emails so you’ll stay on track with marketing and operating your promotion. To learn more, click here.




The year-round Operation Smile Studios campaign allows PPA-member studios that make an annual minimum donation of $240 to use the PPA Charities Operation Smile Studio identity in their consumer marketing. It takes as little as $240 to help fund a single surgery performed by the volunteer medical professionals of Operation Smile. Studios can raise these funds at any time of the year through charitable marketing campaigns or activities or through their own personal donations. The network of PPA Charities Studios supporting Operation Smile actively share fundraising ideas through this website.

Your participation as a PPACH Operation Smile Studio will proclaim to your clients that you are a dedicated professional who cares about the welfare of children around the world. The names of all current Operation Smile Studios are listed on the “Find Your Photographer” page of www.saveasmile.org, PPACH’s consumer website. To learn how you can join these caring professionals, click here.


 (October or November)

The annual Family Portrait Month promotion, which takes place every fall, provides PPA-member studios that offer family portraiture with a high-profile, charity-driven promotion to advertise to consumers. PPA Charities provides promotional graphics and content that can be used by studios in their Family Portrait Month marketing efforts. Simply pay a registration fee of $30, and you can download these materials, which include a 15-page marketing guide.

Registration for Family Portrait Month requires a $30 donation to PPA Charities. Participating studios are listed on the “Find Your Photographer” page of www.saveasmile.org, which advertises the promotion to consumers. This consumer site is linked to both www.PPA.com and www.OperationSmile.org. To learn more about this promotion, click here.

PPA Charities finances its ongoing administrative costs through these activities:


You can help make PPA Charities’ annual charitable fund-raising campaigns possible by becoming a Friend of PPA Charities through an annual donation of $25 or more. It’s easy: simply add your donation when you pay your annual PPA dues, or click here to make your donation through PayPal. Your generosity will help PPA Charities to fund its annual operating expenses and increase the organization’s Reserve Fund.


Honor a colleague’s accomplishment, such as earning a PPA degree, or memorialize a friend or family member through a gift of any amount to PPA Charities.


Each year PPA Charities sponsors a Celebration and Auction on the eve of ImagingUSA. All proceeds from this popular event benefit PPA Charities. In 2014, the Celebration gala will take place on January 11 in Phoenix.


The generous sponsorship of industry vendors helps to fund PPACH’s annual operating expenses and adds to the organization’s Reserve Fund. For information on numerous vendor opportunities to partner with PPA Charities.